Dive Into the Georgia Aquarium App

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Dive Into the Georgia Aquarium App

Where can you go to find 10 million gallons of water, thousands of marine life species, and an unforgettable aquatic educational experience, right in the heart of a bustling city?

If you answered Georgia Aquarium, you’d be correct. Known as the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, the Atlanta-based aquarium is truly a magical place. Recently we had the pleasure of working with the Aquarium, developing an interactive app for their visitors through our Capacity platform. The app is available for free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

If you get the opportunity to visit the aquarium, the app allows you to dive into a self-paced audio tour, explore event calendars, purchase tickets, get directions, make donations, and find your favorite fish on the aquarium map. Even if you’re not within swimming distance right now, the Georgia Aquarium app has features for you to enjoy, from blog posts and aquatic photo filters to interesting facts about the many fish that live there.

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Just for fun, did you know that...

  • Female Clown Anemonefish are bigger than their male counterparts
  • Lagoon Jellyfish were accidentally introduced to Hawaii during WWII
  • The Lined Seahorse produces up to 400 eggs in one brood
  • There’s a starfish known as the Chocolate Chip Sea Star because it looks like a star shaped chocolate chip cookie

We didn’t either, but it’s all on the app!

Our business development manager, CJ Jordan, describes the Georgia Aquarium app as a “showcase of the mobile app capabilities Speak has created through our Capacity platform.” He also explains it as a demonstration of how we “merge technology with useful and engaging design to offer the best user experience possible.”

We love using our Capacity platform to enhance the educational and social experiences visitors have with attractions such as museums, zoos, parks, and aquariums across the United States. As a Tennessee based agency, we have also enjoyed developing apps on our Capacity platform for local attractions like the Memphis Zoo, Dixon Gallery & Gardens and the Memphis Botanic Garden.

Our Capacity platform offers (but is not limited to) features such as interactive maps, program information, event calendars, push notification settings, audio/video tours, social media integration, virtual membership cards, blog feeds, donation portals, photo booths and galleries, and all kinds of custom pages. 

For more details on how Capacity works and how Speak can build a custom app for your visitor attraction, please visit capacity.is or contact us anytime.

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