Digital Marketing Strategy - A Comprehensive Overview

Digital Marketing Strategy - Understanding the Components of your Online Presence

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is hot, you probably know that by now and it's the reason you are reading this blog. Because digital marketing is so popular, companies are blindly throwing money into digital marketing channels without having a strategy to improve their online presence. 

In order to create a successful and profitable strategy for your digital marketing, you must first understand what factors play a role in your digital presence and how those pieces play a role into creating returns on your marketing dollar.

Components of a digital marketing strategy

  • Research and Analytics
  • Goals and Business Objectives
  • Budget for Digital Marketing Activities
  • Execution of Digital Strategy Plan

Every good digital marketing strategy is going to start with good research and analytics. Your business needs to understand who your customers are, how many of them exist, where you can find them plus how much it is going to cost to target them. We have lots of analytical tools at our disposal but the best place to begin is our own google analytics. Use the Demographics information to understand your core audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy | Demographic info from Google analytics

By setting good goals and business objectives, you allow yourself to understand when a campaign is succeeding and when one is failing and how quickly you need to adjust your strategy. Digital marketing is an ever changing landscape and it's crucial to spend your digital marketing dollars in the most effective way. 

Once you have your audience data you need to determine how much it is going to cost you to attract the right amount of visits to achieve your conversion goals. Example: Your research shows you that for every 100 visits you get 5 lead forms. You have a goal of 20 lead forms in 1 month. 

You need 400 visits to reach your conversion goal and each visitor is going to cost you $2.50. You need a budget of $1,000 to reach your monthly goal. At Speak, we use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find search volume for a particular keyword or set of keywords along with the cost per click to acquire that click on Google. 

Digital Marketing Strategy | Google Keyword Planner | Speak Creative

Now that your research, planning and budgeting is complete it's time to execute your digital marketing strategy. 

Digital strategy and your online presence

Look at your digital marketing strategy like you would look at building a house. Your marketing strategy is the blueprint to the house while your online presence is the finished product. Just like your house has multiple pieces working together: plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc., your digital presence needs to fit and flow together like a well-built and designed house. Then, it's time to put your business on the map!

Your website serves as the bones and structure of your online presence and other online tools like social media sites, apps, and search engines serve as the supporting structure that makes your presence complete. The components of your online presence: 

Responsive Website 

Having a responsive website ensure that your customers are getting the same web experience from you, no matter what device they are viewing. A responsive site not only covers you on Google's "Mobilegeddon" algorithm change, but keeps your online presence seamless to any user and is easy to manage on one content management system.

  • Analytics - Be sure to add a GA script to your website to track your users and data.
  • Webmaster Tools - Webmaster Tools will help you understand how Google is viewing your site. 


Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Optimization is the single most effective method to increase your online presence. The digital marketing team here at Speak is passionate about SEO, but we get that most business owners do not understand SEO or get how it makes or breaks your digital marketing strategy. To explain this theory, take a look at this video from Moz SEO wizard, Rand Fishkin. Take the 6:55 to watch this video and soon you'll understand what SEO is all about.





If your website is the structure and bones of your website, your blog is the heart of your website and keeps new blood pumping to the other pieces of your online presence. Google wants to see regular blog posts on your site that keep it fresh and relative. Here are a couple ways to keep your blog fresh.

  • Thought Leadership - Write topics that establish your authority in your business vertical.
  • Infographics - Easy to read, easy to share graphics that make a point.
  • Industry Sharing - Relevant topics that are relevant to your audience produced by other thought leaders in your industry. 


Email is an unobtrusive and easy way to stay in front of your brand loyalist and customers. Be sure to share your blogs and promotions to your targeted email list! 


  • Consistent Messaging - Keep your voice and tone consistent in order to keep your audience engaged. 
  • Appropriate Funnel Communication - Be sure to segment your audience and share content based on where they are in your marketing funnel. 

Branded Social Media Channels

Social media is public relations. It sets the tone for how you are going to engage and communicate with your consumers and brand loyalists.  Social media allows you to reach the masses for a very low cost. 


  • Facebook - A must-have for any business, still the most important social network.
  • Youtube - A great way to share video and show authority on a topic. 
  • Twitter - Reach a larger and more broad audience with quick, relevant 140 character messages. 
  • Instagram - Quickly emerging as the go-to platform for millennials, Instagram is a picture sharing site that creates high engagement.
  • Linkedin - A business networking platform that can help you find leads and prospects.
  • Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest, Periscope - Emerging social platforms to keep and eye on.

Mobile Applications

You may find that your customers need a mobile app in order to engage with your business. Oftentimes churches, tourist attractions, restaurants and other business have regular, repeat brand loyalists who want to stay engaged with your message on a regular basis. An app is the best way to do this. Apps can also help you to solve a problem in your business or improve efficiencies and can be a huge boost to your digital marketing strategy.


A robust, total digital presence is the best way to get noticed online. Keeping these components fresh, engaging and moving will create an active arena for your business to grow.

Could you be doing more for your digital presence? We've got marketers here to help you get noticed online.

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