Digital Agency Defined: What it is and what it is not

Digital Agency Defined: What it is and what it is not

We live in a world with a lot of jargon — and we’re all guilty of it. There is a phrase being tossed around the web: digital agency. What does that even mean? 

Over the years, firms like ours have come to realize that the online world in which we work is constantly evolving and adding new tools and techniques. At Speak, we also realized that we had an opportunity to offer more strategic services under one roof, in order to provide the best outcomes for our clients. 

Working in the digital space on projects like website design and development, iPhone/iPad/Android app development, it seemed like a natural fit to offer expertise in digital marketing efforts such as SEO, social media strategy & management, digital advertising and content creation/marketing. 

We began in the traditional design space and moved to become experts in website design and development; we’re still incredibly good at the traditional graphic design. Without fundamental design skills, the websites we produce wouldn’t be pleasing to the eye. You can’t be a competitive player without adapting to new technology and broadening your offerings to reflect expertise within new and valuable areas. 

The clients of today need efficient solutions. Marketing and advertising budgets aren’t what they used to be. Taking that into consideration, your brand should still be well represented on your website and your website’s look and feel should be reflected in your social channels and vice versa. The messaging and branding should all be consistent, no matter the platform. If there are too many disjointed parties (agencies and individuals) trying to make it all work together for your brand, something is liable to go wrong. 

It is our goal to connect our clients to their target audiences in all the right ways, through multiple avenues. We want them be the first to utilize both current and emerging opportunities in business — the right way. A truly great digital agency understands all of the working parts that make up the big picture and has all the tools and expertise to generate successful, multi-platform online campaigns.

Digital agencies should also go beyond technology knowhow. A solid digital agency should consist of excellent and creative marketers and problem solvers. Your digital agency should come in as a partner — think of it as an outsourced department or arm of your business. The agency should understand your industry, your business or organization, goals, audience and needs. They should then offer you new ideas and solutions in which to meet those goals and speak to those audiences.  

A digital agency isn’t created overnight and it’s not something that we undertook lightly. It’s about having the right team with the right skills. Many claim to offer the services of a digital agency, so be sure to do your research.

Posted by Kiersten Bagley at 3:39 PM