Did You Meet Your 2015 Digital Marketing Goals?

Did You Meet Your 2015 Digital Marketing Goals?

This time last year, your marketing department was digging into 2015, making intense plans and goals for how they would market your business to your customers. For many, that involved increasing online presence, updating websites and social media profiles, or creating new apps that customers could take on-the-go.

As we’re beginning the process over for 2016, now is the time to review those goals. Where did you land on taking your digital presence up a notch? While we’ve been incredibly blessed by new clients coming to us for redesigns of outdated sites or even brand new companies opening their doors for the first time, we know there are a few of you out there that haven’t met the mark yet in redefining your place online.

This year, we’ve helped clients all over the country amplify their digital presence through apps, social media, custom development and special projects, but we’re not done! With three months left before we wrap up 2015, we want to be a resource for you to push through these last few months. Below are several pointers to help you tackle your remaining digital marketing goals by the end of the year.


Were you planning a redesign, but couldn’t fit it into the budget or time got away from you? There are some important things you can do to give your website an overall fresher look and feel that will help you make it to the point of redesign.

First, take a look at the pictures and videos on your site. Are they current ones that you are sending to clients or using on social media? If not, they are probably outdated and could use a refresh. Pictures, videos, and headings on your site are ways to bring in fresh color and an updated look and feel to any site.

Speaking of headings, take a look at those too. Are they eye catching, and attention-grabbing? Do they still meet your mission and goals for your business? Paying attention to what the on-page content says is a great way keep your site updated. If your pictures were out of date, chances are you may also be missing important information or features on new products, services, or people that are impactful to your business.


Are you still struggling to meet the mark on SEO this year? Several Google updates to algorithms and apps have left many businesses in distress and have severely impacted how they are viewed and searched online. Throughout the year, businesses regularly showing up on the first page of results found themselves several pages back.

Throughout 2015, Google has made one thing clear: relevance is king. Are you a great pastry shop? Show it. Are antique books your specialty? Prove that. The old adage that “content is king” couldn’t be truer in 2015, and is only growing in 2016. As advancements in technology arrive, and Google acquires more components that are increasingly important to businesses online, it’s a game you have to play to win.

For instance, did you know that your videos and pictures are useful to Google in determining relevance to your website? Naming your pictures and videos with relevant, focused keywords and providing video transcripts on-page are great ways for Google to identify relevance for the terms for which you’re trying to rank. We know how much our clients invest in creating great photography and videos for their business, and optimizing them on websites is a great way to showcase them to your broadest audience.

It’s also important how you host your videos for your site. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine. It also happens to be owned by the #1 search engine, Google. Uploading videos to YouTube and embedding them into your site is a major ranking signal that will help bring authority to your site. In fact, if your video is rich in relevant content, it can rank higher (and quicker) than your website page alone. To embed your video from YouTube, we recommend using a responsive embedder which will help keep your videos proportionate when viewed from any device.

Social Media

Looking back at the beginning of the year, social media has evolved tremendously. Snapchat and Instagram have taken over as most popular, and every day brands are trying to find their space on these new networks. Other new social media platforms have popped up, such as Periscope, a live video-streaming service that sent the whole media world for a tailspin.

Our favorite networks like Facebook and Twitter have advanced how they target consumers, and are by far one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to reach your audience. New advancements for Facebook advertising even allow you to upload your client email list, and target those users directly in their news feeds. If you’re not using this valuable tool to reach your customers, you’re missing a major marketing opportunity. You can also add in a conversion tracking pixel to your website, to effectively measure the ROI of your social ads.

If you haven’t found your niche audience on social media, there’s no better time than the present. As it weaves its way into our daily lives more and more every day, it will only become more valuable for marketers to find ways to spend on social media advertising.


When is the last time you updated your Google Business Page or your Yelp listing? Often, these directory listings are set up once and then forgotten. However, they have high ranking signals with search engines and should be kept as up-to-date as possible. Menu changes, product news and more should all be updated every time the website is updated, to ensure the most accurate information is given.

Did you change to seasonal hours or move your business? According to comScore, address, location and hours are primary pieces of information in a local search. If your directory content isn’t updated, you could literally be sending customers away from your business by giving them old information. Clearly, there is value in keeping directory listings up to date.

If you use an agency experienced with local SEO results, they may use a program that allows your business’s directory pages to be seamlessly updated at once, and can help you stay on top of any important changes.

Marketing for 2016

The good news is we still have three months to put major marketing pieces into place. Even better news, is that what you do with the last three months will have a major impact on where you take your business in 2016. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help. We have experts in design, social and SEO that can help you dive headfirst into 2016 with achievable goals and strategic plans.

To talk to one of our digital marketing wizards and learn about how we can help your business, click below. 2016 is approaching quickly, and we’re confident it can be your best year yet.

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