Creating End of Year Movement For Your Organization

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Creating End of Year Movement For Your Organization

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With less than 50 work days left in the calendar year, everyone is hustling to make the most of 2015.

Around here we are focused on two things:

  • Ending 2015 strong.
  • Starting 2016 stronger.

I would bet your company is much like ours. As Director of People and Operations, a major focus of mine for the end of the year is helping our team make the most of the time we have left in achieving the goals we set at the beginning of the year, and creating an outlook for an even bigger 2016 for our digital marketing agency.

Staying organized through the end of the year and powering through the 4th quarter slump can help any organization hit the ground running as the New Year approaches.

To keep everyone in your organization on track, there are a few things you can do to help each person focus on what's important.

what can you do to End 2015 Strong?


Look back your goals for 2015 (no goals, no worries. Make some now). Make note of what isn’t finished. Quickly evaluate the goal and determine what must be done in what’s left of this year to check that goal off the list. Prioritize what can be done and celebrate the small things.

Do What You Can

Now, go work your plan. Sounds simple but it’s true. Just go work. Don’t buy into the lie that people won’t be interested because this time of year is so busy. What time of year isn’t busy?! You have a great company. People need to know about it. Do what you know to do.

Be Grateful

While we are working hard to meet goals, it is easy to lose ourselves in the process. Take the time to be grateful to and for your customers, employees, and family. You can’t do anything without them. Let them know that.


You probably noticed as you evaluated and reprioritized your goals that there is so much more you want to do. Now is the perfect time to begin planning for 2016, by outlining and planning your goals for the new year.

What can you do now to start 2016 stronger?

List Successes

Celebrate the wins from 2015. Big or small. Intentional or unintentional wins. List it on a board or even in a company internal blog. It will help your whole team feel momentum in stretching to meet new goals.

Look For Gaps

As you list your wins for 2015, look for gaps in success in certain areas. Maybe you didn’t see much success in customer service or communicating effectively. Use that to help you refine your goals in 2016.


Write your goals for 2016 and focus on the most important. You want your team and yourself to feel the momentum of success. Success creates movement. It pushes forward. Let that focus on a few goals push your company to great things in 2016.

We Can help

With 16 years of experience in partnering with companies to create movement, we can help you end 2015 strong and start 2016 stronger. Whether a new website design, a custom app for your business or some help with content and social media, we have specialists that live and breathe helping businesses like you each and every day.

In fact, we offer free digital assessments that will help you prioritize areas where your business may need help. Contact us to learn more and let’s get some goals into action!

We Can Help
Posted by Christy Leake at 8:35 AM