Catching up! What we've been up to for the past 4-ish months

Catching up! What we've been up to for the past 4-ish months

Wow. Time flies when you're busy! It's been quite a while since we posted in this space, so we thought we'd recap the last few months to get us all caught up. Enjoy the ride!

November 2012:
We're sure lots of awesome things happened in November, but all of our pre-Thanksgiving memories are clouded in turkey-and-dressing flavored amnesia. A few post-Thanksgiving memories do come to mind. The Speak guys took an outing to the Memphis Paintball Park and proceeded to learn that Alex is a force to be reckoned with (even if he did scream like a girl that one time...).

On the project front front, we had several wrap up in November. One of those was the all-new Shelby Farms Park Conservancy website. As you might remember, we started a relationship with Shelby Farms earlier in the year when we developed the Shelby Fit iPhone app as part of a partnership between Shelby Farms and Baptist Memorial Health Care. The new website takes advantage of a much more flexible design concept and provides several new tools like facility rentals, membership sign-up/renewal and social media integration.

December 2012:
The highlight of any December at the Speak offices is, of course, our annual decking of the halls. Essentially, we dress up like elves and reindeer and spend the next two hours decorating the office in an eclectic mix of tacky and slightly-less-tacky Christmas decorations. Hilarity ensues.

Of course, we do actually work as well. As you might imagine, the first 2-3 weeks of December are pretty hectic around the office. Our Account Managers especially are busy trying to get project loose-ends tied up before our clients take off for the holidays. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day was filled with lots of work of a different kind for our team as we re-shuffled offices, painted and purged all the "stuff" that had accumulated since our last purge 3 years ago. Alas visitors, you won't find our lobby painted neon green anymore. Probably won't be too many complaints on that front.

January 2013:
January started with the launch of a site that had been in development for quite some time, the redesigned Paul Tripp Ministries website. Paul is a world-renowned speaker, teacher, counselor and author who constantly produces a stream of valuable resources to his audience. We developed some completely new features into our content management system, SiteWrench, to allow Paul and his team to connect those resources with his audience in a fresh, robust way. Be sure to check out his home page and Resources page to get some better insight into everything we put together.

January also ushered in lots of new hires at Speak! Andy Chipperfield, Nicole Davis, Eli Brumley and John Hubler all made their debuts at Speak in January, just in time for Team Week 2013.

Team Week is our annual get-together to improve the company and how clients experience our services. With no meetings scheduled, phones on Do Not Disturb and lots of coffee and snacks, our team spent a week thinking through everything from client experience to service offerings and everywhere in-between. As you've worked with us over the past few weeks, you may have already noticed some slight shifts. We've got even more surprises to show you down the road!

February 2013:
February was quite a busy month for us as well. We launched the Tower Center website and the new Stingray Bay theme for the Memphis Zoo website, and we're getting ready to launch a whole slew of new websites in March. In fact, we've got one that's scheduled to launch next Wednesday that we're simply drooling over. Stay tuned - we should have even more to share next week.

Well, we hope that catches everybody up! We'll be sharing more with you on a more regular basis, but for now, leave us a comment and tell us what you think and be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Posted by Matt Roberts at 8:12 AM