Building Better: Our Commitment to You in 2017

Building Better: Our Commitment to You in 2017

"Building Better."

This was the official theme of #SpeakWeek2017, our annual week of planning for all things Speak. If you were following along with our hashtag, you saw a lot of fun in the form of scavenger hunts, bowling, movie outings and team lunches. In between those moments, we spent our time building better.

So what does that mean?

In 2017, our goals are focused around two things. Being a better company to work for and a better company to work with. We want to be a company that employs a roster of talent that truly exemplifies what it means to be a team. We also want to be a company that serves clients well and meets their needs in the digital space, becoming an increasingly more integral part of their marketing strategy. We know that those two goals will be the driving force for keeping us in tune with one another and our clients. 

Being new to the Speak team, I didn’t know what to expect out of Speak Week. By the end of the week I felt inspired to work better as an employee and as a person of service to clients. There was an energy that was produced of wanting to serve our clients wholeheartedly and help them grow in an honest way.

- Abi Devins, Digital Marketing Strategist

A Better Company to Work For

As we began, we started talking about what Speak could do to be a better company to work for. We covered revenue goals, work perks (like adoption assistance and flex time to name a few), on-the-job training and a few things currently in place, but then started talking about other options. We introduced a new bonus system that allows us to celebrate wins as they happen, talked about new services that could put our current team's digital marketing skillset to more use and identified ways to keep each other plugged in.

Having our whole company together for a week of project planning, team building, and just general craziness makes each of us better members of the team and a more cohesive company overall.

- Becca Kohout, Project Manager

We also heard from a panel of Directors in the company on standard practices that kept us pushing forward in our day-to-day and had a Q&A session where we asked questions on everything from career growth to making to-do lists. This session provided a bit of insight into how the departments were led, but also how our day-to-day makes an impact on the company as a whole.

One big moment for us was being able to take a virtual tour of our new Memphis digs (you'll remember we 'broke ground' last year for our new East Memphis location) and discussed plans for moving later in the year. Seeing the space and the vision for how we'll collaborate in that space has created excitement and we can't wait to share details soon!

Another idea to come out of the planning sessions was the implementation of cross teams. These teams allow us to reach out of our departments and into areas that we might not normally focus. Cross teams that have formed around our products and systems as well as company culture and client experience allow our team to explore not just their trade, but provide unique perspective on something they're passionate about - a win, win for Speak!

A Better Company to Work With

As we started moving in to what makes us a better company to work for, it was clear that our goals were heavily intertwined. The things we identified for making Speak a better company to work for, like crossing teams and more collaboration are exactly the things that will help improve client experience.


Discussing the lifecycle of a web design project and how it's changed for us in the last year was a significant conversation. With the growth of new team members and new roles on the team, transforming our process is important to maintain consistent service, work and relationships, and we discussed our end goals of how that should look.

From these discussions, we made changes to our standard processes, adding in more collaboration which we're confident will lead to smarter, more functional design from the beginning, and we're excited to see the impact on our clients' businesses. Other discussions on client experience included examining what it meant to be a 'digital partner' and how we can dive in deeper to provide more insights on how tech is ever-changing and the impact it has across the digital marketing space.

For new employees, Speak Week was more than just getting face-to-face with the whole team, but offered a chance to think about their personal growth on the team, and how their work has a bigger impact on all we do. We have identified new opportunities for training and growth for individuals and teams, and were able to spend time planning how we can be more strategic than ever before.

We also took a look at the products we have that we can better serve clients with. Changes to mobile apps, custom projects and other current services are a constant part of our business, so taking some time to plan the changes and improvements with the skilled developers who design and create gives us a good outlook on how we're pushing forward in the new year.

Speak Week was a game-changer for me. Being a remote team member is hard- especially when you're an introverted one. I needed Speak Week to help me figure out my place and the dynamics on the team. Now, even weeks removed from the event, I feel more excited, motivated, and connected than ever.

- Jacob Sowles, Web Developer

Overall, we feel that this Speak Week was unlike any other. Coming together to spend time as a team, critically think through processes out loud and in one room has left us with an eagerness that directly impacts our commitment to serving clients and working with heart. Sharpening each other to create better movement for our clients is the whole reason we value this time together, and it's what pushes us forward each year. A big thank you is owed to our awesome clients for allowing us a full week of exploring what we can do to make Speak a better place to work and a better place to work with. We look forward to serving you in 2017.

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