Are You Ready for Twitter’s Retargeted Ads?

Are You Ready for Twitter’s Retargeted Ads?

By: Kiersten Bagley

Social media strategy is a constant evolution and learning experience. We know that social advertising and promotion is a smart way to expand the reach of your message and your audience. 

That being said, we’re excited that Twitter has officially announced the launch of tailored audiences, which they say is a new way for advertisers to define their own groups of existing and potential customers, and connect with them on Twitter with relevant messages. Facebook offers a similar targeting option and has proven itself successful for many Speak clients. Twitter’s tailored audiences will allow you to reach tweeps who have shown interest in your brand or your category even outside of Twitter. So, these are individuals who have already shown interest in the content you want to share with them and you’re not just throwing something at the world and seeing if it clicks. 

For example, if you visited the pricing webpage for tickets to an event at the zoo, the zoo could later retarget you with a promoted tweet. You were already investing the time to research the event and its pricing, so you’re more likely to follow the link. Think of it as a friendly reminder about your brand. 

The goal of creating a social media advertising strategy would be to lead a user to your product/service/business online and encourage them to make a decision, whether it’s filling out a lead form, making a phone call, making a purchase, etc. Another positive outcome is the relevant, social audience growth that comes with promoting your brand to the right users who may not already be connected to your brand through platforms like Twitter.  

Some questions you should ask before delving into a social media strategy that drives traffic to your website include:

  • What demographics should I be targeting? Tailored audiences makes it easier to send messages to the relevant users on Twitter, but there are still options (keywords, interests, users who are similar to followers of specific accounts, etc.) and other platforms to consider. 
  • Will mobile users be able to easily access all of the content they need and I want them to see? Currently, 70 percent of Twitter’s ad revenue already comes from small screens (mobile devices), thus we can assume that a majority of engagement is on mobile, too. 
  • Is the message I am sending via social channels reflected through my website?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • Are other sites my organization is listed on consistent (including review sites like Yelp)? 

Internet marketing, including the use of Twitter’s tailored audiences, all works in tandem with your existing online branding strategies. What use is a well thought out, sponsored tweet that leads engaged, interested users to a faulty or underperforming website? 

It’s crucial to ensure that your house is in order, so to speak, before you invite guests to visit.

Posted by Kiersten Bagley at 11:00 AM