Mobile Apps Continue to Dominate Mobile Web Browsing

Mobile Apps Continue to Dominate Mobile Web Browsing

Adobe Digital Insights recently conducted a study that measured engagement of apps vs. mobile websites for over 600 brands. The results were astounding. Hopefully, these results will answer some questions for those waffling back and forth between an app and/or mobile website.

The study showed that smartphone users not only access apps more often than mobile websites (10 times/month vs. 4 times/month), but they also spend three to four times as much time per session in an app.

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When you think about it, it makes sense. A user is taking time to download your brand’s app to their phone and have it sit right next to their Gmail, Quiz Up or Twitter app. Each time they look at their screen, they see your brand and have easy access to your content. They don’t have to deal with page load times, pinch to zoom or inputting login information each session. Apps have the ability to offer more effective and efficient browsing for people… even if they’re just aiming to kill time.

With that being said, mobile websites are still a valuable asset to businesses. 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to exit and try a competitor's site. So, while mobile users might prefer to engage with a brand through an app, in most cases, the user first connects with a brand through a mobile search. Mobile websites are the first peek into who a brand is and is the perfect gateway to let users know that an app is available for download. Mobile websites may not possess the ability to mimic the functionality of an app; however, they serve as a great bridge to connect users with a mobile application. 

So what are the big takeaways? 

1. You have to be mobile friendly and there is no way around it. People aren’t going to their desktops to find information about you, they’re sitting on their couch and looking it up on their phone. 

2. If it makes sense for your business to have an app, then get an app. We understand that not every business needs an app, but many do. 

If you have questions about whether you think you need an app, send us an email, or come talk to us. We’ll shoot it to you straight.

Posted by CJ Jordan at 12:30 PM