Apple's New iPhones: How Your Mobile Site Should Adapt

Apple's New iPhones: How Your Mobile Site Should Adapt

All eyes have been on tech giant Apple this week, with the unveiling of the newest products in the Apple lineup. For months, speculation that a larger iPhone were on the way, with several concept models swirling internet forums. The rumors were laid to rest on the heels of the announcement, that two new iPhones will indeed have larger screen sizes than the phones have had in the past. To give you a comparison, we've included three screen sizes, one being the most current iPhone to market as well as the two just-announced models.
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In addition to the new phones, new software including Apply Pay and iOS 8 were announced before CEO Tim Cook said there was "one more thing" (a phrase Founder Steve Jobs often used to close his keynote addresses) before he introduced the Apple Watch. The smartwatch will include integrations from third-party developers through WatchKit, which currently supports several apps, including a BMW app, map functionality and more features which will be announced soon.

With the variety of new screen sizes, what will this mean for mobile websites and how does it affect you?

We use our phones for everything; looking up local services, movie times, restaurant menus.... you name it and it's been searched online. In fact, 43% of all phones are smartphones, and 87% of smartphone users access the internet. If all of those users are searching for your business, how does your website look to them?

Apple's new screen sizes give us more opportunity and more space to relay your brand message. Having a website that is intuitive and can be responsive to any screen size is an opportunity to create additional interaction with your target audience. It is no longer enough to just have a site that is formatted for the 'most popular phone'; screen sizes are now as varied as the phones themselves. With over 55% of internet usage coming from mobile, a good mobile presence is imperative.

Using a responsive template for a website modifies the websites based on screen resolution. The overall look and brand of a company is able to come through without sacrificing any important content. This gives your visitor a beautiful optimized design that remains clean and true to the desktop version.

Are you wondering if your site is optimized for mobile? Our team of website design experts is happy to provide you with a free digital assessment to show you where your digital presence stands.
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