All-Inclusive Web Design: Property Brothers Set Sail with Speak

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All-Inclusive Web Design: Property Brothers Set Sail with Speak

What do you get when you match some of today’s best celebrity carpenters, sun, sand and foreign land? If you’re inside the walls of Speak, your answer is easy: Sailing With The Scotts!

Over the years, Speak has had the distinct pleasure of working with Premier Vacation & Events, creating beautiful, interactive websites that help their staff promote events, such as the K-Love Cruise, a cruise hosted by K-Love that includes performances by today’s top radio acts on Christian radio.

This year, Speak was presented with the challenge of creating a website for a new type of cruise: the maiden voyage of The Ultimate Design Cruise, hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott. Known on HGTV as The Property Brothers, this lovable duo will be setting sail with some of their design-savvy friends, including the Junk Gypsy crew, Jillian Harris, Jason Cameron and more. Cruisers will mix and mingle with the HGTV stars and attend workshops that will inspire DIY projects of their own once they return to land.

The Ultimate Design Cruise is set to sail in November, and there are limited tickets left. When Premier came to Speak, they were looking for a site that would showcase the personality of the Scott brothers—often known for their witty banter and crazy antics—and entice customers to join them on the cruise.

Responsive design and video backgrounds play a key role in the website, which showcases the fun, laid-back atmosphere participants can expect on the cruise. Bright blue hues automatically put the user in the mood to set sail, while headshots of notable celebrity designers encourage website visitors to continue down the page.

The content on the website is light, fun and conversational, and tongue-in-cheek references maintain the momentum as users make their way through the site. Additional ways to interact with the site include embedded videos and several links to connect with The Property Brothers on their social media profiles.

The Results

Aiming for a female target audience, the site has seen great traffic since its launch earlier this year. With over 250,000 unique visits overall and as many as 15,000 visits in a single day, The Scotts' Cruise website is setting sail with great results and several sellouts on ticket packages. We can’t wait to hear how the cruise turns out, and we're looking forward to working with the Ultimate Design Cruise in the future.

As a token of their appreciation, Drew and Jonathan Scott took some time to share their thoughts on the website for our team. To view the video, click below or head over to our Facebook page.

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Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 9:30 PM