7 Tips for Wrapping Up Your Website This Holiday Season

7 Tips for Wrapping Up Your Website This Holiday Season

We are just three days from Christmas, and you likely have your stockings hung, your tree trimmed and your lights twinkling. Beside eating cookies and singing carols, you also need to wrap up a few things on your website this time of year.

Don’t let the holidays leave your audience out in the cold! Here are seven tips for a great Christmas and New Year:

1. Edit your Hours

If your hours are listed on your website, update the hours to specify any holiday closings or special hours. This will keep your customers in the know and will help maintain good relationships with them. After the holidays, update the hours to your standard times.

2. Review your Contact Info and Email Routing

Do your customers need to get in touch with you during non-business hours? If so, how do they do that? Make sure your website has all the information people need to get help, if needed. Add autoresponders to your email letting your contacts know the days you will be away.

3. Check your Email Forms

Make sure you have notifications properly set for any forms you have on the website. If responses will be slower than usual, add a note to the form notification.

4. Write a Blog

A great way to share holiday cheer with your audience is to write a holiday blog sharing tips and helpful ideas for the new year. Are you planning to rebrand, launch a new website or promote an app or new product in the new year? Use the blog as a way to peak interest in what is to come in 2017.

5. Promote Events

Are you having a Christmas or New Year’s Eve event? If so, publish an ad on Facebook and on Google to expand your reach. Consider your audience and target those most likely to attend. A little planning goes a long way with a campaign like this.

6. Consider Shoppers

Whether you sell merchandise or not, most people have a shopper’s mentality this time of year. Many are rushed and doing a good bit of last minute shopping.

If you are a retail store, cater to this audience by offering last minute deals and promo codes. If you are a non-profit or B2B business, use social media to relate to your audience by sharing encouragement and experiences.

7. Make it Personal

Send a heartfelt end-of-year greeting to your customers, clients, members and followers. Share how you value them and wish them a very Happy New Year.

If you have not started planning for 2017, now is a great time to do that, too. Plan some meetings, review analytics, test mobile accessibility and determine what your audience needs most from you and how you can meet their needs.

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Posted by Amy Dunbar at 08:00