60 Questions With Speak's 2022 Team Choice Award Winner, BJ Maxwell

60 Questions With Speak's 2022 Team Choice Award Winner, BJ Maxwell

Our team recently met in Memphis for our annual Speak Week, where we set our goals for the year, discussed ways we can improve, and perhaps most importantly, announced our Team Choice Winner for 2022.

Each year, Speak team members vote on a winner—someone who embodies our core values and who we love getting to work with every day. This year we crowned BJ Maxwell, our Director of Finance and self-proclaimed Mayor of Speak. BJ goes above and beyond exemplifying our values, and in many ways feels like a Speak mascot of sorts. He practically runs our team chat on Slack, and inducts every new team member on their first day with a gif-off, in which he rallies the entire team to participate in answering questions about the newbie in the form of gifs (which is only somewhat intimidating for a first-day activity). 

Speaking of gifs, BJ has accrued some fame outside of Speak as well for his infamous #stankface gif, which has well-surpassed 1,000,000 views. 

Jamming Silver Fox GIF by Speak Creative

What I'm getting at here is that after 9 years at Speak, BJ himself has become a pillar of our culture. He reminds us all to keep things fun and he constantly brings a smile to our faces. When asked why they nominated BJ for the Team Choice Award, one Speakster summed up BJ's charm and value-driven attitude perfectly: 

"I find the truth to be that B.J. displays a warmth and charity that is unusual and rare to find. His Slack persona shows a certain brilliance. It helps the day to pass a bit easier and faster, and it helps to keep us connected as a team/family."

I recently asked BJ 60 questions to give his fans the opportunity to get to know him a bit better post-Team-Choice-win. To learn more about our beloved Director of Finance and why he easily had our vote for Team Choice Award Winner 2022, read on. 

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  1. Hi BJ, how are you today? 

  2. For the people who don’t have the pleasure of knowing you, could you describe yourself in one word? 


  3. So you’re our Team Choice Winner. What went through your mind when you were announced as the winner? 

    Must have been rigged. 

  4. How’s the first week of holding this new high honor been for you? Do you feel different? 

    I feel strangely humbled. 

  5. Anything you’d like to share with your fans?

    Well, I don’t share milkshakes. 

  6. Words of wisdom for next year’s winner? 

    Next year's winner will just be a repeat, so I don't need to give words of wisdom. 

  7. Okay, let’s give the people a chance to get to know you a little bit. What’s your favorite time of day? 

    4am - 6am.

  8. Least favorite?

    10pm - 12am.

  9. What’s the best surprise you ever received? 

    Two foster kids who we later adopted. 

  10. What inspires you? 

    It’s a Who: Jesus.

  11. What’s the best day of the week? 


  12. What’s your favorite way to spend your half-day off on Fridays? 

    It’s a family day. 

  13. What’s one thing people at Speak don’t already know about you? 

    I’m generally melancholic. 

  14. Any secret talents?

    Well, then they wouldn’t be secret. 

  15. What’s your favorite animal?

    I could stare at an orangutan all day. 

  16. Rural or city living? 


  17. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

    I do, and it’s time travel. 

  18. Optimist or pessimist? 


  19. What’s something from your childhood that you still have now? 

    This teenie brace I wore as an infant to fix my pigeon-toedness.

  20. If you could live in a home from a movie or TV show, what would it be? 

    Andy’s house in Mayberry. 

  21. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? 

    Ashamedly, eaten dog in Indonesia.

  22. Okay, now for the important questions: Current favorite milkshake flavor? 

    Oreo 4ever.

  23. When you have the option to choose, milkshake or malt?

    Chocolate malt made with vanilla ice cream. 

  24. Yes to whip cream and cherry? 

    A thousand times, yes. 

  25. Any milkshakes you don’t like? 

    Coffee-based milkshakes are an abomination.

  26. If you could master one thing, what would it be? 


  27. What’s a movie you could watch a hundred times and never get tired of? 

    I have, and it’s Top Gun.

  28. What’s your favorite color? 

    I tend towards azure and verdant varieties. 

  29. Least favorite color? 


  30. Describe your style in a sentence.

    I am Goodwill. 

  31. What do you most want to be remembered for?

    For not wanting to be remembered.       

  32. What’s a piece of advice you’d give your younger self? 

    Stop flitting, start plodding. 

  33. BJ, as a numbers man for a creative agency–where do you find creative inspiration? 

    Um, what? 

  34. What’s the best word in the English language? 

    Kerfuffle. No, shilly-shally.   

  35. Right, you’re a numbers man… do you have a favorite number? 

    I use 17 a lot, for some reason. 

  36. Summer or winter?

  37. What’s your ideal view from a window? 

    The 18th hole at Pebble Beach. 

  38. What’s been the best thing to happen to you today? 

    This interview.  
  39. Biggest compliment you’ve ever received? 

    When my wife, Amy, said, “I do.” 

  40. Who do you most look up to? 

    See #10.

  41. Can we hear an unpopular opinion?

    Social media does far more harm than good. 

  42. Last song you listened to?

    Likely, a hymn.

  43. If you could switch jobs with anyone at Speak for a day, who would it be? 

    Our Agency Marketing Coordinator, Claire Grace. 

    (Editor's note: It's an honor, Mr. Mayor.)
  44. What’s your go-to for a good laugh? 

    The Nateland podcast.

  45. What are three things you can’t live without? 

    Oxygen, water, and cashews.

  46. What’s a must have item everyone should own? 

    An electric can opener. 

  47. What do you listen to on your drive in to work? 

    Usually, sermons or nothing. 

  48. What’s something you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do? 


  49. Besides phone and wallet, anything you carry with you on the daily? 

    Extra weight. 

  50. If you weren’t an accountant, what would you be doing? 

    Pastor/fighter jet pilot. 

  51. Where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken? 

    Puerta Vallarta, in Mexico. 

  52. Where would you like to travel next? 

    I'm not sure. 

  53. You seem to love the oldies. What’s your favorite movie released in the last five years? 

    Okay, offended.  And I have no idea what movies have been released in the last 20 years.  
    (Editor's note: point proven.) 

  54. Do you prefer cooking dinner or ordering takeout?
    Nothing beats my Queen’s chicken parm. 

  55. What’s for dinner tonight? 

    Bozo’s BBQ. It was our oldest son’s birthday dinner pick and I couldn’t be prouder.

  56. What color clothing do you wear most often?


  57. Favorite thing about living in Memphis?

    It’s not Nashville.

  58. What’s an early hobby or habit you’ve stuck with?

    I feel so judged right now... 

  59. Any movies make you cry? Just a little?

    I might’ve gotten misty-eyed watching To End All Wars.

  60. Okay, last question, I promise. I’m new around here–can you give me a piece of advice? 

    See #22.   

Here's to our 2022 Team Choice Award Winner, BJ! 

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