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5 Ways To Magnify Morale While Remote 

Whether you’re a remote work veteran or a complete newbie, one thing we can all agree on is that your team’s morale still matters. When employees work from home it may take some creativity to engage them but it can definitely be done! Here are a few things we’ve found effective at magnifying morale:

1. Practice Gratitude and Praise 

Everyone likes for their work to be recognized but it may be harder to recognize strong work while everyone is spread out. Look for ways that your peers are going above and beyond and give them a shout out. Here at Speak, we’ve got a #congratulations Slack channel where we regularly share accomplishments and praise for one another. If you don’t have Slack, consider creating a Google form where employees can submit their shout outs. Later someone can send them out in a “cheers for peers” email. 

2. Create clear, attainable goals

Have your goals shifted since you’ve gone remote? In order to keep everyone’s eye on the prize, it’s important everyone knows how to measure success and that success is attainable. What does success look like in the present moment? If the goals haven’t changed at all, be sure to communicate that as well. Remote or not, it’s always true that your team will be more productive when the goal is clear and they are confident they can succeed. 

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Have you ever heard that communication is key to any happy, healthy relationship? The same is true in the workplace. Employees value both communication and transparency, especially during times of uncertainty. Our staff meetings are usually held once a month, but we’re currently having one each week to leave space for questions and connection. However, it’s important that you don’t circle up the team too often because you’ll risk losing productivity. 

Since there are so many video chats happening, it’s always helpful to follow up with written communication. When it’s written there is less room for misinterpretation. Whatever it is you are communicating, do so within work hours. This will help your employees maintain a work-life balance and ensure they don’t feel obligated to respond during off-hours. 

4. Encourage teamwork 

There may be an adjustment period as you shift in-person collaboration online. However, giving employees projects to complete by themselves could leave them feeling disconnected. It’s important that teamwork is still encouraged so that your team’s strengths and weaknesses are balanced just as they were in the office. You can check out our page on tools we love that help us work as a team virtually.  

5. Facilitate fun   

Last, but certainly not least you need to facilitate fun. When you’re in the office this may not need to be facilitated as heavily since "water cooler" chat is a bit more natural. However, when everyone is spread out it’s important someone takes initiative. Here a few fun ideas:

  • Host a video conference for everyone to meet your new co-workers: Your new co-workers are sure to enjoy this activity (aka your children, pets or spouses) 
  • Virtual happy hours: Just because you're not in the office doesn't mean everyone can't enjoy an ice-cold beer or La Croix together. Huddle around your video cameras for a happy hour! 
  • Have a gif off: I quickly learned Speak is famous for these. Ask each other a prompted question and the best gif response wins! 
  • Remote work bingo: This is exactly what it sounds like. Send each participant a different bingo card and get rolling. 
  • Team trivia: Divide everyone into teams and give them a way to communicate with each other (team Slack channel, group message, etc). Then ask the questions via video call and have each team submit their answers. This is a real hit with the Speak team!

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Do you have other tips for magnifying morale while remote? We’d love to hear from you. We’d also love to help with any digital projects you may be tackling right now. Drop us a line and let’s get started. 

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Posted by Jessica Freeman at 11:11