5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

In this digital age, it is vital to constantly reevaluate your communications methods in order to stay in touch with your audiences. What better way to access your customers than though the palm of their hand?

A mobile app has the unique advantage over traditional advertising because it travels with the person, and is not limited to them actively listening to the radio, paying attention to a billboard or purchasing a specific magazine or newspaper. A mobile app provides resources and interaction with your brand that can not be conveyed through traditional advertising and may be just the thing to build customer interaction and loyalty for your brand.

Take a look below at 5 ways your business can benefit from a custom built mobile app.

1. People Prefer Apps

5 Reasons your business need an app

U.S. adults spend nearly two days per month using apps or web browsers on their phones, according to Nielsen research. On average, a user has around 42 apps and the time spent in apps was up 21% in 2013.

It's no secret that instant gratification is a necessity in providing your customers with value, and an app allows them to access your business with one touch.

2. In-Hand Customer Service

5 Reasons your business needs an app

From product information, campus maps, to contact information, wouldn't it be nice to provide your customers the information they are frequently asking for and anticipating their needs?

An app can provide total customer service to your customers and spark a heightening sense of brand loyalty for your customers.

3. Social Sharing From Customers Equals Advertising For You

5 Reasons your business needs an APP

Is your marketing team or budget stretched thin? Having an app for your business gives customers an outlet to share photos, attractions, and events through to their social audiences expands reach for your message.

Suggested tweets, branded photo frames or experiences shared by your audience can be the best source of advertising for your brand.

4. Location Based Services, Coupons, Games and More

5 Reasons You Need an App

Having your own app allows you a great way to have some fun with your customers. Allowing them to use the apps interactively for tools or entertainment will keep customers coming back to our app even when they aren't looking to purchase.

Why not offer a mortgage calculator or paint estimator on your app for your real estate business? How about an interactive puzzle or game that unlocks an exclusive coupon for your retail store or restaurant? Thinking creatively can keep your customers engaged with your brand.

5. Education

5 Reasons You Need an App

Using your app to educate patrons on your products, services or exhibits is a great way to communicate their importance to your audience and provide them with additional information that may interest them.

The app can also help provide immediate feedback from a visitor's experience which allows you to see real-time feedback that will help you improve your brand.

Speak Creative has over 15 years of experience in moving our client's digital brand forward. From website design to search engine strategies and everything in between, we work with several industries including zoos and aquariums, parks and attractions as well as churches, shopping centers and a variety of businesses. To learn more about app development and how your business could benefit, contact our mobile app experts.

Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 13:03