Five Reasons Your Attraction Needs An App

Five Reasons Your Attraction Needs An App

By: Christopher Jordan

In this digital age, it is vital to constantly reevaluate your communications methods in order to stay in touch with your audiences. What better way to have access to that audience while allowing them to, in turn, have total access to your attraction than reaching them via the device already in their pocket (or hand)?

1. People prefer apps - According to the latest mobile statistics, in 2013, 80% of the time a user spends on their device is within an app. More specifically, users spend roughly 127 minutes PER DAY inside apps. In 2013, when instant gratification is almost expected, meeting your customers where they are and addressing their needs is paramount. 

2. Let the app provide customer service - No one likes being lost with no idea of how to get to the next exhibit or location. Make sure your app includes a GPS-enabled map that allows visitors to navigate their way around the attraction. This makes it easier for them and enables your employees to stay focused on their tasks, rather than constantly fielding directional questions (Hint: this is a great way for your employees to promote your app to visitors while solving their way-finding issue).

3. Allow visitors to advertise for you - Are your marketing team and budget stretched thin? Enter the app. Allow your app users to share information about your attractions/exhibits through their social networks. Patrons visiting the zoo are sharing information about special events, new animals or funny pictures they took--your customers can be your best source of advertising. When Sally posts about her visit through the app, her whole network is exposed to the great time she had, encouraging others to check out what the attraction has to offer.

4. Opportunity for your sponsors - Apps provide your corporate sponsors the chance to know how often they are being seen. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for signage around the park with no real understanding of their ROI, companies can now sponsor sections of an app, or even the entire thing. Through analytics built in to the app, they’ll understand how many people are downloading the app and how often screens are being accessed within it. This provides them with information about their investment and gives your attraction a strong, recurring revenue stream.

5. Education - Not only for the visitors, but also for your organization. Depending on the attraction, the app can provide visitors with additional information about the subject matter--be it plants, animals or pieces of art. The app can also assist in providing immediate feedback about a visitor’s experience. Instead of obtaining user feedback irregularly throughout the year through traditional methods, your organization can get consistent, reliable feedback from your app. You have the chance to make real-time decisions on improvements to your visitor experience.

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Posted by CJ Jordan at 11:51 AM