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Our Midyear 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

Keep up with the changes, the trends, the features, and the failures.

That’s the nature of digital marketing. The industry never stops innovating and evolving. This means that our digital marketing production team constantly researches the latest industry news. From a new Google rollout to a disappearing social media trend, our team strives to stay ahead of the changes to best serve our clients.

Since the new year began, we have recognized various new features and trends in digital marketing. What’s most important for you? Check out our 2017 midyear takeaways.  

SEO Trends in 2017

Search engine optimization continues to expand in functionality and increase in importance. As technology evolves to allow additional search options, you have to adjust your strategy to meet your audience where they are looking for you.

David Caffey, our SEO & Conversion Specialist, explains the SEO trends of 2017.


Master the Mobile Experience

More than ever, people are searching on mobile devices. In fact, mobile has surpassed desktop as the most-used platform to access search engines.

Because of this, your site needs to offer a quick, seamless mobile experience. Load time must be fast, usability must be easy, and content must be helpful. If not, expect to slip in the mobile-first search indexing.

Lift Your Brand with Local Search

With more resources in your arsenal, you can truly make an impact and soar up the ranks in local search.

Recent algorithm changes have emphasized quality over quantity when examining business reviews and local citations. Consistency of reviews certainly impacts your ranks, but the quality of those reviews have become critical.

In July, Google introduced Google Posts to Google My Business pages. Google Posts allow you to share content that instantly feeds into search results and into your Google My Business page. When you want to share company news, an upcoming event, or a recent team member accomplishment in the community, Google Posts puts it directly in the searcher’s view.

Value Voice Search

With the increased use of Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo, voice search has become a key component of SEO.

SEO focuses on providing searchers with the best answers to their questions. As voice search grows, watch for trends toward natural language and long tail keywords. Why? That’s how people search using voice. Natural and specific. Make sure your content reflects that.

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Content Trends in 2017

As we continue creating content, we want to do so with purpose. Our content should answer your questions. It should leave an impression.

Suzi Richey, our Content Specialist, dives into what’s working in 2017.


Repurpose with Reason

When you simply post blog after blog and leave them out to dry, you get little return on investment. Why? Your content isn’t being used to its full advantage.

Instead, repurpose content. Whether it be changing the title, updating keywords, or adding a new section, repurposing content allows you to save time. Even better, it allows you to see what best resonates with your audience.

Take Time to Test

In order to truly understand what your audience finds useful, you have to analyze the data. Look into referral traffic, time spent on page, pageviews, exit rate, and more.

As you study data, you recognize opportunities to strategize by testing. With A/B testing, you change one variable on your site, then consistently track the data associated with it. For instance, move the CTA button around and analyze the difference in clicks or conversions. Use testing guide your design.

Pinpoint Audiences with Personas

Instead of writing content for a wide target, narrow your focus and target a specific persona. Not only does this trend give you a more directed approach for writing, but it also puts you in your audience’s shoes.

Your content helps solves a problem. It helps answer a specific question. It helps establish trust, too, which keeps the audience coming back for more.

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Social Media Trends in 2017

In the constantly changing world of social media, businesses need to understand what users want from social media. When used correctly, social media can drive results, build brand ambassadors, and entertain your following.

Cody Gross, our Content & Social Media Specialist, looks at ways you can make your social media stand out in 2017.


Engage to Elevate Your Brand

When you run a social media site, you open the door for your audience to engage and interact. Don’t ignore them. Connect with them.

If they message you, be helpful in your response. In comments and posts, interact with your following. Why? Interaction shows you care about your audience and creates ambassadors that will help grow your business.

Bots are Hot

The increasing number of bots on social media directly correlates to the increasing desire for immediacy. Social bots are instant and personal.

Created to guide conversations, social bots can send messages and direct users to take action regarding a specific product or get additional guidance on a service. They automate the process and act as a perfect complement to customer service.

Create Movement for the Masses

In an age of constant content shared around the clock, yours has to stand out. You have to get the finger to stop scrolling.

Do that by creating content that moves. Most social media platforms utilize autoplay features, automatically starting your videos, GIFs, and more. That gets the reader to pause and engage with your content. Create movement in your timeline to make strides with your social media strategy.

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Do our digital marketing 2017 trends have you thinking about your own services? Together, let’s see how we can help.

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