A 2016 Year in Review from our Digital Agency

A 2016 Year in Review from our Digital Agency

What a year it's been!

Next week, we're ringing in 2017 in true Speak fashion - with Speak Week 2017! Employees from around the country will be coming to our Memphis HQ for our annual team retreat. We take this time each January to turn inward and discuss us. It's the one time each year we go on a pseudo-vacation from client work and instead shift to discussions on goal planning, department growing and setting our sights to all 2017 has in store.

As we reflect on the great year we've got behind us, it's always fun for our team to look at the work we've done, the coffee we've drank and some other pretty surprising stats. Take a look below and share your biggest accomplishments of 2016 over on our Facebook page.

While we'll be focused on the inner workings of Speak and how we make our digital agency continue to run well, we're still here to help with those situations that need attention. We look forward to a great 2017 with you! You can follow along our journey, using #SpeakWeek2017 on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 07:44