10 Quick Ways You Can (And Should!) Tidy Up Your Website and Marketing Presence Right Now

10 Quick Ways You Can (And Should!) Tidy Up Your Website and Marketing Presence Right Now

Although you may not have spring cleaning on the brain right now, a little seasonal cleanup can benefit more than just your home. When it comes to your online presence – your website and digital marketing channels – it’s important to check in on things often to ensure your marketing effort is tidy and running smoothly.

Your website and digital marketing efforts are the online foundation to your business. If you don’t take time to frequently wipe the dust off their surfaces and keep them lively and up to date, how can you expect them to do the best job of driving traffic, leads and sales? 

If these regular, easy spring cleaning tasks are done often, you can extend the life of your website and marketing channels and increase their ability to perform well. Read on for a full Spring Cleaning Checklist so you can make the most of your marketing efforts this year. 

☐ Check your website

A well-designed, user-focused website has the ability to be your greatest sales and marketing tool. That is, if you keep it up-to-date, with content that attracts the right target audience, well-placed calls to action (CTAs) that keep people moving from page to page, recent (and real!*) images and video that compel site visitors, and vital optimization. 

To be sure your website is running smoothly, there are a few steps you should take. 

1. Look at your website from every angle. 

No need to turn your computer screen upside down. What I mean here is that it’s important to look at your organization’s website like someone who doesn’t look at it every day. Take time regularly to scroll through your homepage, click your CTA buttons and download your resources. Read the copy, and make sure that the story you’re telling connects with your target audience in a compelling way.

Resize your browser on your screen. Is your website’s design responsive? Does it move with the page to make sure every element looks good at any size? Then, check your site from a mobile device. Is it optimized for mobile

All of this adds up to your ability to see your website as visitors will see it. If you notice something doesn’t look quite right, you may need to make adjustments, or work with an agency like Speak who can make sure your website checks every box, for every user. 

2. Inspect your analytics. 

The proof is in the pudding. If you want to know how effective your website is at accomplishing your goals, look to your analytics to see where users are spending their time on your site. 

Check your key performance indicators (KPIs). Look at the pages, buttons, and lead magnets you rely on. Are they getting the views and clicks you want to see, or are people hitting Close after seeing your homepage? 

Not sure where to start in analyzing vital website traffic data and analytics? Speak can help! 

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☐ Check your social channels. 

Social media marketing is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy. But it’s not enough to be present on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Just like you monitor your website and make sure it’s working for you, you should be regularly checking in on your social channels to make sure you’re still following best practices across every channel. 

How can you be sure your social media is getting strong engagement and driving conversions? Here are some tips to get you started. 

3. Refresh your market research. 

It’s important to regularly refresh your understanding of who your target audience is across each social channel, and how you’re reaching them.

Dive into who’s seeing and engaging with your content. Is it who you want it to be? Click through the hashtags you’re regularly using to see who’s engaging with other content under those hashtags. Pinpoint users who fit into your target audience. What content are they engaging with, if it’s not yours? What hashtags and accounts are they following? What content can you provide that would benefit them?

4. Check your profile activity. 

Engagement is great – but great social media content should also work to drive traffic to your website, or compel people to contact you. Don’t forget the important measurements that go beyond engagement. 

If your social media isn’t driving traffic to your other marketing efforts, set some realistic goals for your organization and consider what types of content you can put out that will help you reach those goals. 

5. Be sure you’re posting the right amount of content at the right times. 

The quality of your content may be amazing, but if it’s not reaching people, then it’s not effective. Make sure you’re keeping your social channels fresh, with frequent new content on the right days at the right times. 

While everything you do on social media depends on your industry and what the target audience for each niche and industry wants, check out the handy-dandy chart below to see how frequently you should be posting across each social media channel. It may seem arbitrary, but all of this adds up to a social media marketing strategy that works. 

Remember, social media best practices are constantly changing and evolving. Having a digital marketing agency who keeps up-to-date on social media marketing strategies so you can focus on generating compelling content is a huge asset to any team. Speak would love to chat through your goals and help you get started. 

☐ Monitor Your SEO Performance

A solid SEO strategy will continue to produce results for a long time coming. But, with a constantly changing rule book from Google, it can be difficult to make sure your SEO strategy is prepared to work for you long term. 

6. Update your understanding of the SEO playbook. 

SEO rules change consistently. Not to mention, there are tons of myths floating around the internet that can throw you off your game. Refresh what you know about SEO, and compare it to what you’re putting on your website. Are you regularly updating content so it stays relevant? Is your website secure and easily accessible? Do pages on your site include dreaded broken links? Does your site load quickly and run smoothly far more often than not? Remember, Google’s aim is to provide sites to users that will work for them, so these are all great starting points to consider when auditing your SEO performance. 

Here’s a blog to get you started, so you can be sure your SEO strategy is top notch. And, if you find your search rankings are falling behind from when you first implemented your SEO tactics, Speak’s SEO experts can help you audit your content and get your site ranking highly and driving clicks. 

☐ Be sure your blog is organized, updated, and driving clicks. 


If you’re about to scroll past this checklist item because you’re thinking, “My site doesn’t have a blog,” it’s time to incorporate one. Having a blog on your website is one of the best ways to share consistent relevant content that Google loves to see and users will click on, without crowding mission-critical pages like your About page or Services page. 

Not to mention, a blog is one of your greatest tools for thought leadership, and can allow you to showcase your expertise in any number of subjects or industries.

Speak can help you set up a blog page on your site, drive traffic to it with a solid SEO and audience growth strategy, and even help you generate content to publish. Give us a shout, we’d love to talk through your blog needs. 

7. Give old blog posts new life. 

If you do manage a blog on your website, you know producing new content for it on an ongoing basis can be time consuming. And, when you’ve written great content in the past, there’s no use letting that content get older and older, and less likely to rank with less relevant information. 

Go back through your older blogs and their analytics. Which blogs are performing particularly well, and which ones could use a refresh and a second chance at life? Are there blogs you want to push back out? Maybe a solid piece centered around holiday shopping could be brought back to the surface when the holiday season rolls back around, or an article on giving and donations could be refreshed in a matter of minutes and used in your next donation campaign. 

☐ Boost your local SEO by tidying up your online reviews. 

Local reviews for your business can be a major SEO ranking factor. If you’re treating reviews like something that’s out of your hands, it may be time to hone in on a solid strategy for getting, and displaying your reviews. 

8. Revisit your reviews and testimonials. 

Go back through your old reviews and be sure you followed up on them. Are there 5-star reviews that you never responded to? Drop the reviewer a thank you! Inversely, if you’ve received a negative review, don’t shy away from it. Studies have shown that the way an organization responds to negative reviews can have a huge impact on how other potential customers view them. Reply to any negative reviews thanking them for their feedback, or, if you think a negative review is truly unfair, explain your side of the story. 

9. Leverage your reviews as a marketing tool. 

If you’re not harnessing the power of positive reviews as a free marketing tool, it’s time to start. Posting or re-posting positive reviews on your social media channels or incorporating testimonials on your website can be a great way to showcase the good work of your organization while using the tools you already have. Want to know how you can get more reviews? Check out our blog on 3 simple ways to get more Google reviews. 

☐ Plan for a website redesign.

Even the most well-designed websites will eventually need to be refreshed. These spring cleaning tips will help you make sure your website stays current and as effective as possible, but if you want to get the most out of your website, it’s ideal to refresh it every few years, or factor in a redesign for larger changes. 

As a web design agency, we regularly redesign and refresh websites – we even redesign websites we’ve previously designed. Our goal is to make sure your website is conversion-focused, compelling, and sleek, and as technology changes and advances, we will work with you to make sure your site is just that. 

10. Plan for a redesign project and yearly updates. 

An agency like Speak can make a redesign a breeze, especially if it’s something you’ve planned for and considered ahead of time. It’s important to regularly check in on your website so you know what’s coming down the pike. 

As you work in the front end of your site, consider changes you’d like to see. Keep a list of what comes up, so when it comes time to factor a redesign into your budget, you can work with your web designer to make sure it accomplishes everything you need it to. 

Speak can help you prepare for your next web project, and we’d love to get started today. We can chat through your goals and come up with a plan that meets all your needs. 

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We hope you found this checklist useful as you dust off your marketing efforts and prepare for another quarter or year of ROI and success. Speak loves helping organizations of all industries and sizes assess their web design and marketing needs. We would love to be your digital partner and help you achieve your goals. 

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