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New Digital Marketing/PR Specialist Joins Speak Team

Hi, My name is Kindra Svendsen, and I recently joined the Speak Creative team as a Digital Marketing and PR Specialist. You will be hearing a lot from me moving forward here on the blog as well as on our team social accounts. I am thrilled to join Speak in the midst of several exciting changes; the launch of the new Nashville office, the redesign of several of our platforms (including ShopKit , SiteWrench , Everchurch and Capacity ), and the overall growth of the company. In my... Read More
Posted by Speak Creative at Monday, June 16, 2014

Speak Sets Up Shop in Nashville, Tennessee

We’ve got some huge news, y’all! Speak’s new office in Nashville, Tenn. is officially open.   It’s our fifteenth year in business, so we thought we would do something special. What’s better than adding team members ( we want you! ), talent and a second office location?    It’s already been a great year and we couldn’t do it without the support of the team and our clients. Business has been booming!  We’re already working with clients in over 40 states, so a regional... Read More
Posted by Digital Marketing Team at Thursday, May 15, 2014