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5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

In this digital age, it is vital to constantly reevaluate your communications methods in order to stay in touch with your audiences. What better way to access your customers than though the palm of their hand? A mobile app has the unique advantage over traditional advertising because it travels with the person, and is not limited to them actively listening to the radio, paying attention to a billboard or purchasing a specific magazine or newspaper. A mobile app provides resources and interac... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Beacon Integration for Your Mobile App

You’ve probably been in marketing meetings recently where the discussion turns to what can be done to improve on-site experience for your visitors and how to engage with them better. You might already have a mobile app, so you check that off the list. So, what’s next? The next logical step may be to integrate beacon technology into your app. But what exactly could these “beacon-things” do for your attraction and how could they help? First, we need to understand what b... Read More
Posted by Digital Marketing Team Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is it Time for Your Business to Have an App?

In a recent study by ComScore, they reported that for the very first time, Americans are getting more than half of their digital media from app downloads, overtaking desktop and mobile browsers. This translates to one out of every three smartphone users downloading at least one app each month. In just the last year, app usage has jumped 52%. According to ComScore, "apps drive the vast majority of media consumption activity on mobile devices, accounting for approximately 7 out of every 8 min... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen Tuesday, September 23, 2014