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Bluetooth Beacons

Beacon Technology

Push the boundaries and create deeper, more rich user experience by integrating new ideas and technology to your mobile app.

Engage your customers with beacon technology.

Beacon technology is raising the bar. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to help our clients engage their customers. For years, we’ve been a leader in the development of mobile apps for attractions, businesses and non-profit organizations.

While downloads are critical to a successful mobile app, we look to provide new technology solutions that give our clients a stronger connection to their customers.

Recently, we’ve been testing beacon technology and how we can integrate it into mobile apps for several of our clients. From gaming and education, to surveying and marketing analytics, we think mobile beacon technology is the right next step for many organizations.

How do mobile beacons work?

First, what are beacons anyway? Beacons are small wireless radios that emit a bluetooth signal over and over, announcing “Here I am, Here I am!” Alone beacons aren’t useful, but when communicating with your mobile app, the interactive possibilities are multiplied.

Some of the most common beacon messaging styles include:

  • Personalized messaging
  • Location-based messaging or proximity messaging
  • Audio and video autoplay
  • Surveying

Full service from setup to support.

Innovative ideas don’t have to run six-figures, and the cost for entry to integrate beacons in your marketing plan is relatively low. Speak clients with one of our platform mobile apps are already one step ahead of those without a mobile app.

Adding a beacons package to your existing Speak mobile application is fairly simple. Our team will meet with you to brainstorm ways to incorporate the beacons in your space, placement, messaging ideas and more. From there, we’ll begin the programming, and we’ll even do the on-site install and training. We’ll also continue to assist your team in beacons management with ongoing support.



Custom can be quick.

Although integrating beacons is a custom project and each rollout is different, the time needed to get beacons in place is relatively short. From our initial discussion through install and testing, many of our projects can be rolled out within just a few weeks.

If we aren’t starting with a mobile app in place, no problem. We can build your custom mobile app on iOS or Android, and get it submitted very quickly. Adding beacons to this package is easy to do, and both the mobile app and the number of beacons can be scaled based on your needs and budget.

See how the Memphis Zoo recently implemented beacons for their newest exhibit. 

Not sure what you need? We have packages available to fit your budget.
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