Association of Zoos & Aquariums

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Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Creating a Better World

Project Goals

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums, came to us seeking a new website that would provide a better user experience for its members and an effective tool for sharing their vision. The result of our partnership is a brand new site that not only showcases beautiful imagery of the animals they advocate for, but a comprehensive resource for day-to-day operational needs of zoo and aquarium professionals.

Developing their story.

The primary goal of the redesign was to build a flexible, mobile-friendly website that was easy to maintain while setting up a site architecture that didn’t lose the wealth of knowledge available at members’ fingertips. It was also critical that a complex set of profiles and permissions could be integrated into the new site.

Once the new structure of the site was in place, we shifted our focus to telling, or showing rather, the AZA story. The incredible photography made our work that much easier. The sharp, rich images engage users in a compelling fashion, while interactive elements such as the tiles on the homepage allow users to connect with the mission.

The new AZA website strengthens their professional community by allowing zoo and aquarium professionals to participate beyond the walls of the habitats where they work each day.

AZA - SiteWrench

Form follows function. Getting from A to Z.

Beyond our goals for a stunning design and well-organized content, it was crucial to meet the functional needs of users. A major component of this project was setting up a single sign-on process for members that integrated with Abila netForum. This allowed AZA to create member-specific content based on each user's unique credentials, and restricts use of some assets like Job Board, Press Room and Animal Exchange.

AZA’s Animal Exchange is an animal in itself. This robust tool allows zoo professionals to share animal resources and make the most of their exhibits and experiences while following conservation initiatives. It was important to hear directly from those who use the tool most.

We conducted interviews to identify how the tool is used, what the pain points were, and captured a list of most requested improvements. The new Animal Exchange provides AZA members an easy-to-search directory of animal resources. Search capabilities were expanded and now members can search, sort and filter by several qualifiers. Listings management now includes expiration of listings after a set time period and are archived, allowing a cleaner view of the current listings.

AZA - SiteWrench

In addition to the leadership AZA provides to the zoological community, supporting the development of professionals within the association is a priority in AZA's strategic plan. The resources shared on the new website provide continuing education to members; and the new job board promotes professional development within the community.

AZA - SiteWrench

After moving and reclassifying a massive amount of content, the launch of this new website went very smoothly, and the AZA shared positive comments from their members and staff with us immediately.

“We’re loving SiteWrench. And, the overall product built specific to our needs will serve both staff and members well.” - Sarah Sullivan, Director of Digital Media, AZA
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