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Not everyone uses one type of phone or tablet. Our app developers jive well with Google Play and Android Market.

We develop for Google Play.

Exclusivity isn't cool. Although we're technically an all-Mac office, our team members have a variety of smartphones and personal devices that aren't necessarily running on iOS. In other words, we're not exclusive - in app development or on our own time - and we don't expect you or your customers to be either.

The Android advantage.

We recognize and applaud what's great about Android phones. For instance, they come at a variety of price points, and the Android device market gives customers a range of size and style choices to meet their lifestyle needs and wants.

So we asked ourselves: why not implement this same principle of flexibility in our own mobile app development? We couldn't see a reason not to build Android apps, so we jumped right in and are proud to offer our mobile app development services in both iOS and Android markets.

Do you need an Android app developer?

While this flexibility gives your end users a ton of freedom, it can tie your hands when developing for such a wide range of devices, including countless models, manufacturers and sizes.

On average, Android apps require 38% more development coding, as they can be more complex and fragmented among so many devices. Without an expert developer on the case, this can lead to longer lead times, more defects and less time in front of your user. Not to mention, a bad app experience works against your brand identity.

Do you need an app built for both Android and iOS platforms? If you exclusively use just one of those platforms, you might need to talk to someone who is an expert in both, and that's why we're here to help. Give us a call- we will be glad to discuss your app idea and help you figure out which direction to take it.

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