Agency Marketing Coordinator

Agency Marketing Coordinator

Think you have what it takes to help us grow in key markets?

Speak Creative is an established company with offices in Memphis and Nashville with a strong remote team across the US. We are skilled in all things interactive, from website design and development to mobile apps and digital marketing. We create, code, consult, support, sell and most of all problem solve for clients all over the nation.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Agency Marketing Coordinator to join our team. This role assists our Director of Agency Marketing in executing our day-to-day marketing efforts, helping us grow Speak’s audience and creating closer alignment with our clients.


  • Exceptional written and interpersonal communication skills
  • A desire to work within a team framework
  • The ability to think critically and leverage pattern recognition to work efficiently
  • A willingness to work independently while being accountable to individual monthly, quarterly and yearly goals
  • B.S./B.A. in a relevant field (Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising, Communications, P.R., etc.) or work equivalent.

Who we’re looking for:

  • Someone interested in developing a career in marketing or within an agency.
  • A personality that is self-motivated; you’ll be asked to work through multiple priorities. We expect you to be able to put together a plan and execute it.
  • Someone who seeks out information and is teachable. The nature of our business lends itself to frequent changes in and progressions of technology. This means we’re looking for someone who loves to learn and helps us improve.
  • A personality that fits with our team; we are interested in someone who is intelligent, works hard, values teammates and makes us better.


Your primary responsibility will be to handle the majority of our day-to-day marketing efforts. By leveraging your strengths and matching them with areas of need within our operation, we are excited about what might be accomplished through this role. We expect you to make us better. As part of that expectation, we trust that you will make the role your own by matching areas of need along with your own gifts and strengths. That said, these are the activities you will be responsible for:

  • Marketing Execution and Management - You will be responsible for working closely with the Director of Agency Marketing to keep marketing strategies and tactics moving. Broadly, this means you will perform day-to-day execution and project management roles within the marketing team. You’ll be called to lend your voice to our social media accounts, you’ll help create targeted written content for our website and email campaigns, you’ll lead the charge on market research and present findings, and you will generally help us improve our brand. When other team members outside of the marketing team are called on to assist in our marketing efforts (video production, for instance), you will ensure they are given appropriate direction, and you will oversee progress.
  • Sales Acceleration - From time to time, you will work with members of the sales team to equip them with tools to accelerate our sales cycle. Tasks could include putting together and sending a box of swag, writing notes on behalf of the team, helping with proposal inserts or case studies, customizing marketing assets for a particular client/industry, etc.
  • Current Client Appreciation - You will work with our Client Success Manager and Brand Strategists to send occasional appreciation or congratulations gifts to current clients.
  • Trade Show Preparation - From time to time, you will work with members of the sales and marketing teams to assemble and ship our trade show materials. You will be responsible for ensuring elements arrive at the correct destination and will be the first line of defense for ironing out details or needs while the team is on the ground at a trade show.
  • Accountability and Planning - You will meet at least weekly with VP of Marketing & Sales and Director of Agency Marketing to review your progress on current responsibilities as well as discuss current needs, upcoming campaigns and ways you can take point on marketing tactics to make Speak more effective.

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