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Project Manager

Speak is always looking for the right people to join our team. We are not currently hiring for the position of Project Manager but always happy to review resumes.

As a digital agency we create movement for businesses and organizations using our digital marketing strategies and solutions. We see success when our clients see success in their markets. Here's what we look for in a great Project Manager:

Project Manager

A Project Manager sees the big picture of a project. From internal discovery to post-launch, the Project Manager is accountable for the success of the project.

Success of the project includes:

  • Budget awareness - both dollar and time budgets
  • consistent client communication about the project details
  • familiarity with the details and scope of the project
  • understanding of the client's team's needs as well as the Speak team's needs
  • overall consistent movement throughout the life active project process.

Project Manager Skills

A Project Manager is accountable and responsible for the completion of all tasks for a successful project. A Project Manager should be knowledgeable of every type of service and project process we offer our clients so as to be familiar with tasks needed in each type of project. A PM should be able to lead a project of any kind based on experience and knowledge of key project management principles. We don't expect you to know it starting out the gate but being willing to learn and to learn quickly is expected.

Project Managers should be at an expert level in using our project management tool and comfortable guiding the project teams and clients on how to use the system. Experience with other project management tools is very helpful.

Project Managers are expected to be knowledgeable and an expert in PM skills such as resource planning, leading meetings, client communication, keeping details, time management, business acumen and problem solving. Project Managers keep the project on time, on budget, on goal, and in scope.

Project Managers assist the Director of Projects in scheduling and with project timeline per the scope and client expectations.

Project Managers are responsible for communication between all service teams serving on a project team and responsible for adding to the project team for expert direction as needed with direction from the team Directors.

Project Managers are responsible for client project related communication and work alongside a Digital Marketing Strategist for a successful project launch.

Project Managers should be able to read our proposals and develop a project process and plan for any type of project.

Project Managers will be aware and assist with project scheduling, project load reviews and priority setting for tasks each week. This may be reviewed and updated periodically throughout the week.

Project Managers are responsible for the key points of communication as noted in the Project Details

Project Managers are responsible for the creation and curation of Resources/Standard Messaging that we use with teams and clients. Having ready to go resources and standard messaging provides consistency and efficiency.

Project Managers should be skilled and prepared to lead meetings in person, over the phone and through video conferencing. PMs should be knowledgeable about using all tools necessary to have a great meeting. Also needed by every PM are good meeting leadership skills, listening skills, and note taking skills.


Every Project Manager will face challenges in their work. We work on many projects with many variables all the time. With so many pieces of puzzles moving at the same time, managing your time and keeping track of details is essential in the job. Many times that same pressure can create cranky co-workers and clients. Project Managers need to learn the skills of dealing with difficult people, the art of defusing a tense conversation, and have the confidence to speak directly, honestly, and gently to any team members or clients.

Prioritizing client communication, project plan changes, creative feedback, locating resources and team communication can be difficult when they compete for our attention. Learning how to maintain a healthy balance for those priorities and still accomplish tasks is key.

A little about us

We're an established company of 48 employees with offices in Memphis and Nashville. We are skilled in all things interactive, from website design and development, to mobile apps and digital marketing.

As a company, we value:

  • We are (and have been) profitable.
  • We are (and have been) debt-free.
  • We own our building.
  • We have a single owner and don't have to worry about partners who split.
  • Our business is spread out across hundreds of customers instead of a few big fish.
  • To date, we've never let anyone go for financial reasons.
Work/Life Balance
  • We're a team with a focus on doing outstanding work for our clients AND maintaining our sanity.
  • We work hard during business hours (Mon-Thurs 7a-5p and Fridays 7a-11a…yes every Friday is a half-day) and go home when work is done.
  • Rarely, if ever, do we find ourselves staying late or working weekends. Funny what you can get done when you work hard.
  • High-performing employees enjoy a high degree of flexibility.
Team Participation
  • We expect everyone on our team to be part of shaping our future. If there's an issue, we tackle it together. If there's an idea, we develop it together.
  • We meet regularly for fun and creative team building.

Half-day Fridays, No late/weekend hours, Relocation assistance, All-Mac office, Good Folk, Regular Office Events, Annual Retreat with whole team on location, Vacation/Sick Leave, Health Insurance, Long Term Disability, 401k, New Perks added often

Christian Values

Our owner is a believer in Jesus Christ and submits to Biblical authority in leading the company. What does that mean for you? Simply that you can expect to see values like hard work, discipline, excellence, grace and others at the core of decision making. Do you have to be a Christian? Absolutely not.

Sounds great? Next steps:

  • All candidates should complete our online application. Show us your work and explain why you're a good candidate.
  • We'll evaluate all applicants and follow up via email as needed to ask questions or to line up interviews.

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